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Goddess of Purity

"What God has envisioned is what man should envision!"

purity white lotus " . . . Do not fear the Flame of Purity. Embrace It. Become It. For the Fullness of God Love can saturate your entire feeling world in Purity's Ray, irrespective of those around you who walk in illusion.

"It is not necessary for you to be concerned with the newest fads - and that goes for the newest fads in religion, beloved ones. There are those who would make a religion of any new concept that comes along. It doesn't matter if it's born of a foundation of eons of time as Cosmic Law ingrained upon your life. No - whatever fad seems to tickle your fancy has a new bent, if you will, on an old concept.

"Purity's Ray has been Purity's Ray since the beginning of time! And God Reality lives in Purity's Ray.

"If there is not a foundation born in the Light of God Reality, and cannot stand the record of time, does not have its foundation born within every major religious doctrine of the Spirit; if you cannot find a confirmation that you know that you can trust within your heart - then I say run! And I say scamper away. But in your wandering, one day you must stop long enough to anchor, within your own heart, your own God Reality.

"One teaching of the Law versus another teaching of the Law, if it is not based on a foundation within your heart, is no Law for your Being. This would be somewhat of a Zen teaching. Do you understand what I have said?

"If it is not a Law written on your heart, then you have not become It. And for those of you who have these Laws written on your heart, and have not discovered Them - don't you think it's time to put your attention there - to discover what is the Law of your Being? You need not look outside yourself.

"The Ascended Masters stand ready to Guide and Guard you in meeting with all opposition to your lifestream in fulfilling the Law of your Being. But for those who would turn a deaf ear to the Help and Assistance of the Great White Brotherhood, I only have pity. For they know not what they shun.

"It is a sad day for the Brotherhood when those who have an Opportunity to have the assistance with their lifestream decide to turn away - for fear. Yes, beloved ones, for fear they might discover a point of unreality in their world. . . . "

Beloved Goddess of Purity

January 19, 1997, Redlands, California U.S.A.



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