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Lord Maitreya

Lord Maitreya
Beloved Maitreya holds the Office of Planetary Buddha, and is also known as the Cosmic Christ.

"The true Dharma is the love of God in Life — in all Its aspects."

"The love of God is truly the love of Life. The love of Life is truly the extension of your striving as the true Initiate on the Path. Beloved, I - Maitreya, have known the trials and the tribulations of the day to day activities that you find yourself engaged in. I have known the concerns of your heart - of how you will hold fast to the Law and yet accomplish all that you are called upon to fulfill, all of the daily labors.

"Let us speak of the love of labor, not simply the work that one may do to supply the needs of their families, of their self, but of the striving on the Path. Is it a drudgery? Does it take every erg of energy to pick up your foot and place it into the next step to accomplish what you perceive the need of the hour?

"It is obvious to your mind what I AM about to say. Of course the labor can be light, of course the labor can be joyous - if there is love of God. But what of love of labor? How do you manifest the fullness of the love of that which brings you discomfort, that which makes you tired, creates hunger after a long day's journey? What is it then that would spur you to love that which makes you ready to go home, shut the door behind the world and still yourself till the new day?

"Do you run from the Dharma? Do you run from that which you are called upon to do, or do you run to greet the day with a renewed Spirit, an understanding heart, and a love for Life?

"No it isn't easy when you are in the physical octave and there is the gravitational pull and weight on your person. And yes, there are times when it is more difficult to pick up the foot and place it before you. But where of the joy and the love for the Opportunity?

"Many do not understand that in their daily work, in their daily labors, is the Opportunity to learn. There is no labor that does not give you a new perspective of how to master the God Qualities you desire to have become a full and complete part of every aspect of your life. The labor does not have to be a drudgery when one looks at this as an Opportunity to hone and to finely tune all of the skills of the Spirit into the matter plane.

"Many who have had many embodiments of leisure did not accomplish as much in those embodiments spiritually as they have in those where they have had to toil the fields, cut the wood, plow the fertile grounds. For in plowing the fertile grounds, the fertile Christ Consciousness was able to move into Action. As the muscles were flexed, there was not the putting off for another day to receive the Enlightenment of the Christ. Many times in the fatigue of the physical body, it is the Opportunity for your Christ Self to move into Action when you take the rest that the physical body so needs, and you sit in contemplation, in meditation. First you think it is to rest the body, and before you know it, you have engaged in a more complete Rejuvenation in the Light of your God Presence.

"Your Holy Christ Self would come into Action in all of the activities of your life to bring greater Joy and greater Love into the very smallest of the activities of your life - if you would accept and know that this is so.

"How does knowing accomplish the feat? I tell you, beloved hearts, where the consciousness goes, there is an engaging in a reinforcement of the Light of your God Presence. When that engagement is guided by the Christ Mind, there is the fulfillment of Love in all aspects of your life. When you place your attention fully and completely throughout your day on the Light of your God Presence, it is a complete and automatic invitation for the Release of that Light through your activities - to guide them, to guard them, to make the footstep lighter, to allow you to return home at the end of the day - not simply wanting to shut out the world - but wanting to run to give gratitude at the altar, to have the meditations on the Spirit uninterrupted by worldly activities, for the renewing of your Spirit and your Light.

"'These seem to be so practical' you say. 'Why, Maitreya, would you come and discourse on this matter?'

"Because, beloved ones, how much of your day is given to worldly activities? How much of your time and energy do you devote to preparing for all that is necessary to maintain the physical? And how much time do you spend in contemplation on God?

"So if there is the necessity of the spending of so much time in the physical activities of the Earth, why not bring God into that activity? Why not lower into the physical plane all Aspects of the Light of God, bring Joy into the Earth, bring Joy and Love into your labor?

"This is what is meant by 'Heaven on Earth'. It is not going to be some pristine cycle and time that an Ascended Master will wave a wand and suddenly the Earth will change. Your lifestyles, your habits, your surroundings will change, beloved ones, as you are able to bring the Manifestation of your God Presence into the physical octave.

"There have been devotees of the Light for many aeons who have tried all manner of approaches to the integration of Light on Terra. There have been those who have gone off to the caves in the mountains, have sat for many, many hundreds of years barely sustaining the physical body, but holding fast to the Spiritual Planes. What did they accomplish? Do you know?

"There was a certain balance held for the planet. There was a certain Release of Light relative to their activities - and it was necessary.

"But has it brought the solutions to hunger? Has it brought the solutions to war? Has it brought the need of the hour to the striving families who feel very pulled apart by all of the demands upon everyone's attention? This is not simply something that is isolated to any one country or one people. This is a planetary problem, beloved hearts, and it is necessary for the very practical application of the Law to be understood.

"Labor is an Opportunity, not a hindrance. Right now today on the planet, most individuals have greater amounts of time available to them to place their attention on God than ever before since the past Golden Ages. This is due to the release of many of the technologies into the physical by the Ascended Master Octave for just that purpose: so that the students of the Light would have more of the time necessary to prepare in the Spiritual Work toward the Ascension.

"However there are those who have not used that time wisely and have squandered that time. There are those who have not known when to stop the work of the world and do the Work of God. And there are those who have gotten so caught up in the work of the world, they have forgotten God completely and their work has been all-encompassing in their lives - and they wonder: 'Where is the Comfort Flame of the Holy Spirit? Where is the love of wife, of family, of home, of country? It's all so dim and in the far past.'

"And yet, beloved ones, it hasn't gone anywhere. It is all right there within the grasp. But that individual has chosen to ignore it - in the 'ignore-ance' of the Law.

"Do you see how subtle it could be? There may be those of you who have found yourself so caught up in a particular cycle of labor that you have forgotten to give the attention necessary in that day to God.

"As you are able to place your attention on God, the labor takes on a whole new perspective and you are able to engage in those times of work and toil with the renewed Spirit that lifts it up and it is no longer the secular labor - but becomes your Sacred Labor, for it is imbued with the Light of your heart - touching every aspect of your activity.

"You will find then, that those who you interact with, even if they do not know of your spiritual beliefs - and why should they; this is not the cycle and time. You are there to perform a work. You perform your work graciously, joyously, efficiently. And at the end of the day you leave with a glow on your face, and your co-workers say: 'How can this be? Why are they so joyous?' And you come again the next day and you enter the work place, and there is still that Joy on your face and in your step, and it remains to the end of the day - and on and on, day in and day out. What a mystery to the co-worker. 'How do I achieve this?' they say.

"When they ask, you may tell. For they will be ready to receive, and they will have seen the example of the Law. Setting the example as the true Initiate on the Path is the greatest Work that you can do.

"If you cannot be the example, do not teach the words - for they are hollow and without meaning. If you cannot imbue the Teaching with the Love of God from your own devotion to God - do not expound. For without the Love of God, again, the Teaching is empty.

"There are those who will become teachers of the world - of this Instruction. How will you teach it if you have not manifested Joy and Love in your labor. When each task you are called upon to do brings a fulfillment, and even if it seems to be menial, can you not hold in the vision of your third eye the Light of the Christ as you move forward? Can you not hold the Immaculate Concept for some calling that you desire to aspire to - in your third eye?

"This is not wishful thinking. This is transforming your life, your surroundings, your home, your relationships. This is how you practically apply the Law. You do not simply place your attention on it one day a week, or one hour of the day - but twenty-four hours a day every single day of every single year.

"There is always looming in the forefront, behind, at the top and the bottom of your consciousness - somewhere the thought: 'my Mighty I AM Presence', 'my Holy Christ Self', 'the Light of God', 'I love God', 'I love God in Life'. And as you extend that love, you will find the transmutation of all that has weighted the shoulders, all that has been the burden that you have carried. There will be a new sense of Joy, and you will find that you will no longer try to hold on to all that the world has to offer. For you have seen the Light of God, and you understand that the true Dharma is the love of God in Life - in all its aspects. When you manifest the specific talents that you have in the outpouring of love of God, you will be fulfilling your Mission. And your Mission having been completed will be the Opportunity to move on to Higher Realms of Service, and be Victorious in the Ascension.

"The Mission, as so depicted by so many stories that you have read and seen, will always be there until completed. It will not let go of you. You may try all manner of other works, but in some lifetime you will have to complete that Mission. Why not fill that Mission with Love? Why not have it be the Joy of giving of the Love of God?

"If you do not know where to begin, start with the first step - of every day setting aside a specific time where you are uninterrupted, where you have the quiet and the moment to receive the Light of God. It need not be elaborate. It need not be formal. But there must be silence. As you progress in this activity of preparing for the silence, you will be shown greater and greater Opportunities to have that Light fill all of your life.

"Do not keep it in a special place for only certain times when you feel that you must have reinforcement. Do not propose that it is only on a holiday or special occasions that you should be in devotion to God. If you are to manifest the fullness of Love in your world, it must be the foundation of your world.

"The Light of the Christ shines forth through you far more than you are aware. Do not hide it. Do not keep it locked up - but allow it to flow into all that you do, and you will be those Christed Ones that the planet is so hungry to receive. For you will have the True Message. You will have the True Light that will Light the world.

"Go in Peace, and go in the Labor of Love for God.

Beloved Lord Maitreya

January 3, 1999,   Chelsea, Vermont

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