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The Lesser Mysteries

There exists today a historical lineage of accurate, detailed information regarding the constitution and operation of the spiritual bodies of man and the planet which has been codified by the Brotherhood of Ascended Masters over the last 150 years. A complete syllabus of the published works on these subjects runs into the thousands of titles. The faculty at Acropolis Sophia, including the Ascended Masters themselves, are organizing and condensing this material into a series of courses of graded instruction designed to meet our students at their present levels of understanding. Among the topics given serious consideration are the following:

  • Reincarnation and karma
  • The soul and the four lower bodies
  • Chakras and the Life Forces
  • Twin Flames
  • Planes of Consciousness
  • Angels, Elementals and Men

The Greater Mysteries

Men and women of today are ignorant of their Divinely Ordained Birthright as Sons and Daughters of God. The Greater Mysteries begin with the axiom that every Lifestream is Firstborn of God, partakes fully in the Divine Nature, and has the capacity to become a God-Free Ascended Master at the close of this present embodiment. Courses consist of classics of the Cosmic Law, lectures and workshops as well as Discourses and Dictations delivered by the Ascended Masters. You will learn the genesis of your own Individual God Identity, known variously as the "Monad" or the "I AM Presence"; the nature of your Electronic Body; your Holy Christ Presence; the Violet Flame of Transmutation; the use of the power chakra through Decrees and Fiats. Also you will be trained in the highest forms of visualization and meditation, and how to utilize all the above techniques to produce true Healing and Divine Abundance in your own life.

Finally, the greatest Wisdom lies in understanding the Ascension as the ultimate goal of life. Acropolis Sophia will explain the operation of the initiations of the Transfiguration and Resurrection and how these steps pave the way for the Ascension as attainable for each disciple - in this lifetime!

"From everlasting to everlasting, Wisdom was firmly established before the foundation of the Earth."

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