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Foundations of the Ascended Master Way of Life

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  • Ecclesia Volume 1 Issue 1   March 2004 — Living the Life: Your Champions Stand With You!, What is Coeur de Lion? Life at the Heart Center, Construction Update: The New Ray Room Takes Shape, Inspiration and Study: El Morya's Call
  • Ecclesia Volume 1 Issue 2   May 2004 — Living the Life: Through Your Heart, Recent Events: Camelot Lives on at Coeur de Lión!, Coeur de Lión Happenings: The Dawn of Aurora Pavilion, Inspiration and Study: Resurrection’s Seeds of Remembrance
  • Ecclesia Volume 1 Issue 3   October 2004 — Living the Life: The Lighthouse of Being, Recent Events: Summer Musings, Coeur de Lión Happenings: Anchoring the Sacred Fire, Praise of the Positive, The Forcefield at Coeur de Lión: A Wellspring of Blessings for All, Your Portable Sanctuary: Tube of Light and Electronic Circle, Letters from Readers, Inspiration and Study: Sacred Space, Torch Bearers Around the World: Sacred Spaces, Department of Maintenance and Construction, Bookstore Review
  • Ecclesia Volume 1 Issue 4   December 2004 — Living the Life: My Favorite Time, Recent Events: Heralding in the Holiday at Coeur de Lión, Coeur de Lión Happenings: Joyous Celebration, The White Mountains of Arizona: Our Winter Wonderland Annual Retreat, Inspiration and Study: Christmas Rituals and Traditions
  • Ecclesia Volume II Issue 1   May 2005 — Living the Life: Higher Senses Bring New Perspectives, Coeur de Lión Happenings: Resurrection's Flame Shines Forth, Let My Temple Be Raised II, Coeur de Lión Growing Pains: Our Numbers Increase, Inspiration and Study: Radical Spring-Cleaning Anyone?, Praise of the Positive, Recent Events: Ascension of Pope John Paul II, Letters from Readers, Torch Bearers Around the World: Acropolis Sophia Inspires Tangible Change, Staff Member Spotlight: Henry Lee, Bookstore Review: The Alpha and Omega Portraits
  • Ecclesia Volume II Issue 2   October 2005 — Inspiration and Study: Your Golden Age of One, Living the Life, Growing Pains: A Vision for Us All, Gaining Mastery on the Path, Let My Temple Be Raised II, "Thou wilt attain The Temple . . . ", "Tarry Not At Morya's Call", Coeur de Lión Happenings: Our Oasis in the Desert, Torch Bearers Around the World: Our Brothers and Sisters in England, Bookstore Review: The White Paper, Ecce Deus II - The Incarnation, Staff Member Spotlight: Jay Ridgway, Wesak World Congress III
  • Ecclesia Volume III Issue 1   December 2006 — Living the Life: The New World Religion, Streaming Video - Our Window to the World, Coeur de Lión Happenings, Inspiration and Study: Responding to the Inner Call, Recent Events: Wesak World Congress III - Committee Members Unite to Fulfill An Action of World Service, El Morya's Heart: Questions & Answers During Acropolis Sophia, Torch Bearers Around the World: The Sapphire Dream Blesses Toronto, The Anointed Representatives™ visit Students in New York and New Jersey, Gaining Mastery on the Path: Building Momentum, Spotlight: Donna Wood, Bookstore Offerings, Events Calendar
  • Ecclesia Volume IV Issue 1   July 2007 — Releasing Love from the Heart of Your Presence, Let My Temple Be Raised: Streaming Video Is on the Way!, Coeur de Lión Happenings: The Magnet of Divine Love, The Power of Love, Praise for the Positive: The Perfect Love of the Presence-in-Action, Recent Events: Yes, You Can Go Home, El Morya's Heart: Questions & Answers During Acropolis Sophia, Torch Bearers Around the World: Chicago's Work of Love, Acropolis Forum Begins Its Mission, Gaining Mastery on the Path: The Heartfelt Prayer, Spotlight: Duane Dorman, Bookstore Offerings, Calendar of Events

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