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  • Amerissis, the Goddess of Light  August 30, 1998
    "There is a Joy that you have never experienced, to your recollection, since being a child!"
  • Archangel Michael  December 19, 2004
    "Now, Beloved, it is time for you to understand that you are to become that Christ. It is no longer the Single-Eyed Vision of the one Son of God but of the many Sons and Daughters who are required to envelop the land in the Love, the Action, the Illumination of the Christ, and to lead all others into that same Unity."
  • Archangel Michael  September 11, 2001
    "The Light of God is on your side and on the side of America! Do not think for one moment that America has been weakened by this attack! America has only been strengthened."
  • Archangel Shaddiel  October 28, 2012
    " Embrace the Angels of God and Behold the Sun!"  
  • Cyclopea  January 1, 2002
    "Have you considered that perhaps it is time to move from the era of carbon-based fuels or so called nuclear energy, into a new era of understanding how to work directly with the Light of God? Earthly energy sources are still in the dark ages compared to what they will become during the reign of the Golden Age! . . ."  
  • El Morya  April 29, 2011
    "This is the Work at Hand! You are Either With Us or You are On Your Own!"  
  • El Morya  May 21, 2003
    Anchoring the Will of God in the Earth  
  • El Morya  February 2, 1999
    "The hour has come when the mankind of Earth must know the Ascended Masters as They truly are!"
  • El Morya 
    "Raising The Temple - The Summoning"
  • El Morya 
    "I Come Bearing New Wine"
  • Elohim of Purity   October 4, 2009
    " The Ascending Cone of Power" 
  • Gautama Buddha   December 31, 2006
    The Thought Form for the Year 2007: "Imagine your own form with this magnificent Threefold Flame action swirling about you, enveloping you, and registering the White Light of Purity at the location of your Heart Chakra."  
  • Gautama Buddha   December 31, 2004
    The Thought Form for the Year 2005: "Your Garment of Light"  
  • Gautama Buddha   December 31, 2003
    The Thought Form for the Year 2004: "A glorious Star shining forth in the firmament, sending the Light Rays of all of the glorious Rays of God Consciousness into the nighttime sky, scintillating and allowing for the fullness of the Light to bring Illumination to all parts of life."  
  • Gautama Buddha   May 15, 2003
    "The Pathway of the Heart"  
  • Gautama Buddha  December 31, 2001  
    The Thought Form for the Year 2002: "The Thought Form that we shall cherish throughout this coming year reveals a Focus of Pure Light Substance, taking on the appearance of a Diamond Sunburst. . . . "  
  • Gautama Buddha  July 8, 1998
    "Expanding Your Detail Consciousness"  
  • Gautama Buddha  July 1, 1998
    " The Golden Flame of Illumination" - "The wise use of the Light is for the benefit of God, not only within your being, but within all of Life. When you decide that you are ready to enter into Service to the Light for God, you will need certain perspectives, certain understandings of Cosmic Law."  
  • Gautama Buddha  December 31, 1997  
    "Attunement through the Heart's Full Devotion"  
  • Gautama Buddha  December 31, 1996  
    "If you are to attain to the level of your Christhood, the Harmony in your world is a prerequisite, an absolute must. For there is no way you may wear the Mantel of the Christ when there is inharmony. This is not a Garment you can wear as an outer shell."  
  • Gautama Buddha  March 2, 1996
    "Returning to the AUM: "My involvement in bringing forth this new Activity is to assist each of you in returning to the Purity and Wholeness, the Peace, and Quiet of the God Flame, which I desire for every one who will come into the vibration of the Buddha and the Light of these Ascended Master Teachings."  
  • Goddess of Liberty  August 28, 2008
    "I Expand My Light to Shine Forth Within You!"  
  • Goddess of Liberty  May 8, 2005
    "Now Is the Time: Cry Freedom’s Cosmic Light!"  
  • Goddess of Liberty  September 11, 2001  
    "It is time for those of you in previous Activities to put aside your human opinions about what We the Ascended Masters choose to do in Our greater Wisdom."  
  • Goddess of Purity  October 31, 2010
    "A New Day in the Sun in the Light of the Mother!"  
  • Goddess of Purity  January 19, 1997
    "What God has envisioned is what man should envision!"
  • Great Divine Director   May 10, 2009
    "Establish My Temple for the Earth"  
  • Hilarion   February 6, 2011
    "The New Day Has Begun!"  
  • Himalaya   July 25, 2010
    "Forever Love the Will of God!" — "How glorious it is to know that there is more of the Presence that you can attain to in your life. No matter how far you travel in consciousness, how much you expand the Light in your vehicles, how disciplined you may be at present, there is always more of God to realize."  
  • Immaculata, the Planetary Silent Watcher  December 30, 2001
    "Immaculata Reinforces the Divine Plan for the Earth"— "Within your own life cycles, you are afforded the Grace of God and the Opportunity to exercise your own decision making process, following the dictates of your own free will."  
  • Jesus  December 25, 2002
    "Many times you find yourself involved in circumstances beyond what you consider to be under your control. But there is no circumstance in the Earth you cannot change or right. For you have within your Heart the open door to the Christ, your own Christhood."  
  • Krishna and Gautama Buddha  December 31, 2002
    "I have received within my Heart the Thoughtform of the Year 2003 from the Great Silent Watcher . . . Allow this Thought-form to be a sustained focus of your attention — not merely for this year, but for all years to come. Then you will have revealed to you the meaning of the Fires of the Heart igniting into the Ascension Current."  
  • Kuthumi  January 17, 1999
    "Joy will make your heart desire to engage in the Light and the Work of God."
  • Kwan Yin  August 29, 1998
    "Your Work, and the Work of the Ages, is to Keep the Flame and the Vigil on the Altar of your Heart for those who are yet to be awakened."
  • Lanello  October 8, 1998
    "If you do not believe it is possible, you will stop short of attaining the Victory."
  • Lord Lanto  July 26, 2009
    "Currents of Golden Liquid Light"  
  • Lord Ling (Moses)  December 31, 1998
    "I pray that you have enough God-Determination to love God, to hear His Call - and answer."
  • Maha Chohan  January 27, 2013
    "Instruction on the Affairs of the Heart!"  
  • Maha Chohan  January 21, 2007
    "To Stand Forever in Akasha"  
  • Maha Chohan
    "The most important thing I can leave with you is the fact that no Love is wasted. No love goes unnoticed and no love is without the vibration of God."
  • Maha Chohan
    "It is impossible to assimilate Love when you are out of Harmony"
  • Maha Chohan 
    On Peace and The Great Silence
  • Maha Chohan
    On the God Quality of Faith 
  • Maitreya  February 10, 2013
    "Embrace the Fire of the Heart!"  
  • Maitreya  February 27, 2011
    "There is a Purpose! There is a Plan!"  
  • Maitreya  May 23, 2010
    "I AM here, the Light of the Cosmic Christ!"  
  • Maitreya  October 9, 2005
    "The Teaching and the Teacher"  
  • Maitreya  September 29, 2004
    "My Instruction on the Path of Initiation: Enter Your Heart"  
  • Maitreya  January 3, 1999  
    "The true Dharma is the love of God in Life - in all Its aspects."
  • Mother Mary  May 28, 2000  
    "Your Open Heart Is the Key to Your Healing" — "As you stand within this world of form you are an extension of your I AM Presence connecting through the Flames on the Altar of your Heart so that your countenance is a glorious reflection of the face of God. This constitutes the Allness of Being. This is why there can be no real separation in the family of God."  
  • Mother Mary  May 14, 2000
    "Bringing Forth the Light of the Mother" — "All about you, creation is brought forth because of the right use of the Mother Light by those adepts who have gone before you, who have brought into this physical octave the Beauty and the Joy necessary for your present comfort."  
  • Mother Mary  November 29, 1998
    "Preparing the Chalice of Your Being"  
  • Mother Mary  October 10, 1998
    "Miracles are waiting to occur!"
  • Mother Mary  January 2, 1998
    "Honoring the First Commandment" — "I invite you to kneel where you are before the Light of your own God Presence in this hour. I ask that you place your attention upon your Heart and, as the currents of Love flow through your Heart, place your attention on the Light of your own God Presence."  
  • Mother Mary  October 19, 1997
    "Healing Your Heart"  
  • Mother Mary  September 7, 1997  
    Announcement of the Ascension of Mother Teresa
  • Mother Mary  March 28, 1997
    "The Mother Light and Your Ascension" — "Your Mission begins with you. You cannot save a planet, you cannot raise the Light in others until it is raised in your own temple. While you can talk about high ideals and guide a person to this or that, becoming the example is always the greatest teacher." 
  • Nada  May 18, 2003
    Acceleration and Expansion through the Love of God 
  • Nameless One from the Center of the Universe  August 9, 1998  
    "Your God Presence gives Obeisance, Honor and Glory to THE ONE - to that Universal Light anchored in the Great Central Sun."
  • Pallas Athena  October 10, 1998
    Embody the Truth — "This Earth will have a Golden Age. And it will contain the Truth and the Light of the Ascended Master Octave. "
  • Portia  October 24, 2010
    You Can Make the Difference — "We desire you to be God Victorious. We wish to give you all the tools of Cosmic Law, for you to have the Divine Outpicturing of the atmosphere about you. You can make a difference, it is time."  
  • Rose of Light  April 11, 2009
    "The Perfect Pattern of God Identity in Love!"  
  • Saint Germain  February 14, 2013
    "Enter into the Fullness of God Love!" 
  • Saint Germain  February 14, 2007
    "You Are in My Heart"  
  • Saint Germain  April 7, 2002
    "The Pranic Breaths of these Five Currents are a very real part of your own being and always have been. It is time you began using them!"  
  • Saint Germain  June 5, 1999
    "Place the Violet Flame through your heart and then let go, and know who you are."
  • Serapis Bey  November 16, 2008
    "The Law's Truth Versus the Outer Mind's Tricks"  
  • Surya  October 12, 2008
    "You Are The Hope of The World"  
  • Venus  November 5, 2006
    "Strive to Become More of the Nature of God"  
  • Venus  February 15, 2004
    "Love, O Love, Where Can You Be?" — "Many have written, sung, and conversed on this topic, for there is no greater pursuit than the quest for Love. But let that pursuit be for the Love of God."  
  • Venus  November 22, 1998
    "Become Masterful in the wise use of Love."
  • Venus  February 15, 2004
    "Love, O Love, Where Can You Be?   "Many have written, sung, and conversed on this topic, for there is no greater pursuit than the quest for Love. But let that pursuit be for the Love of God."  
  • Vesta  October 11, 1998
    "Where there is error, where there is a misrepresentation, it will be dispelled by My Representatives."
  • Victory  June 6, 1999
    "All Must Have the Opportunity!"
  • Zarathustra  April 14, 2006
    "Torch Bearers! Receive the Anointing of the Refiner's Fire!"  

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