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The Dangers of Psychic Involvement and Entrapment

The following important recordings offer:

  • An explanation of what constitutes the psychic planes.
  • A Dictation by Saint Germain on January 2, 1999 and a Dispensation from the Karmic Board.
  • Two Discourses by Monroe Shearer (Messenger for the Ascended Masters) as overshadowed by Saint Germain entitled "Psychic Quicksand" covering:
    • An initial introduction in to the consciousness of the pattern of duality and the fixation on the lower matter planes.
    • Saint Germain on curiosity - duality / through temptation of using your free will to the opening of the door to lower consciousness / the fixation of the matter planes to the neglect of looking at the return current from the Higher Spiritual Planes.
    • Mortal curiosity - vs.- The hunger of the heart to know God.
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Discourse #1
1 hour 7 min.

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Discourse #2
1 hour

Please Listen to the above Discourses first. Saint Germain references them in His Dictation. The first Discourse was delivered immediately prior to the Dictation and Saint Germain was the presiding Master. The second is a follow up with a few points that Saint Germain felt necessary.

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Dictation by Saint Germain

"Study to show thyself approved unto God,

A workman that needeth not to be ashamed,

Rightly dividing the word of Truth" *

* 2 Timothy/2:15 -King James Version

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