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And Christ Consciousness

The Christ Presence stands at the edge of the Heaven world and possesses all of the qualities of your Mighty I AM Presence. According to how you conduct your life upon the Earth, your Christ Presence either moves closer to you or farther away. The conditions of our physical, mental and emotional bodies at any given moment create a vibration, referred to by some as our aura, around us. When we are involved in positive activities and our mind and emotions are peaceful and harmonious, our vibration rises and our Christ Presence can come closer to us. But when we are drawn into negative endeavors, or doubt, fear or anger fill our mind or emotions, our vibration lowers and our Christ Presence automatically withdraws because there is no common ground, so to speak, upon which it can meet us. When we have mastered our physical, mental and emotional bodies sufficiently to continually maintain a peaceful and harmonious countenance and are able to raise our vibration into that of the Christ Presence, the Consciousness of the Christ opens to us and we can be said to have donned our Christhood.



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