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You may submit your healing petitions online via the link below. These will be printed and placed at the altar. Mother Mary will consecrate these during the Conclave and take them to the Karmic Board for action. Please have these in by 12 PM (Arizona time) on Saturday, July 1.
Fill out the Healing Petition form
The Lords of Karma meet at the Royal Teton Retreat twice yearly, approximately at the time of the winter and summer solstice, to review letters and petitions from unascended lifestreams embodied upon our planet, and to consider the granting of Dispensations for assistance and for the progress of humanity towards the Perfection of the coming Golden Age.
You may submit your letters to the Karmic Board online via the link below. Please have these in by 12 PM (Arizona time) on Saturday, July 1.
Fill out the Karmic Board Letter form

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