The I AM Presence — The Real You

There is a Divine Flame of Life burning within each Heart. Each of us is an individual manifestation of that Divine Flame of Life, having come from the Heart of God willingly and purposefully.

Yes, the same God who made the whole macrocosm is focused within your own Individual I AM Presence. And within the fullness of that Presence is all that you desire, all that you require to fulfill your life. As you acknowledge this as the Truth of your Being, you begin to draw it forth. This is the definitive Teaching of The Temple of The Presence. CONTINUE

The Temple of The Presence


Temple of The Presence Light At The Temple of The Presence, we seek to help you solve the mysteries of life and answer the all-important questions of who you really are, why you are here, where you came from, and what you came to accomplish. What we offer are some of the keys you need to begin to understand the laws of the universe and how to apply these laws in your daily life. CONTINUE

The Ascended Masters

Ascended Master Path You may never have heard of the Ascended Masters, but they have loved you for eons and have both sponsored your excursions into the Earth and watched over each embodiment with the care and concern of a devoted parent. The Ascended Master most widely known is Beloved Jesus. But the Ascension was not unique to only this Son of God. Many have glimpsed the edges of Higher Consciousness, pursued their Vision, and are today Ascended and Free as Ascended Masters. You, too, can become as they are! CONTINUE

Discourses and Dictations

delivered by Anointed Representatives™


Anointed Representatives - Sunroom The Ascended Masters deliver their Teachings through conscious connection with and overshadowing of their Anointed Representatives in the form of either Discourses or Dictations. Teachings by the Ascended Masters given in a more informal and relaxed way are known as Discourses, and are usually delivered through Anointed Representative Monroe J. Shearer. More formal deliveries of the Light, Love, Wisdom and Fire of the Ascended Masters are known as Dictations, which are usually delivered through Anointed Representative Carolyn L. Shearer. CONTINUE

Helicon Broadcasting

I AM Presence Welcome to Helicon Broadcasting, of The Temple of The Presence, where you can hear free broadcasts of Teachings by the Ascended Masters 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Experience for yourself the oasis of Light, Love, Wisdom and Power of the Ascended Masters, Cosmic Beings and Angelic Hosts as they lovingly pour forth their radiation through their Discourses and Dictations—helping you to expand your understanding and awareness of Cosmic Law, of your own divine Identity and inheritance, and of the means whereby you can attune to your own Higher Self and win the Victory of your Christhood. CONTINUE

The Power of the Spoken Word

Light of God And God said, "Let there be light," and there was light. Have you ever considered the true significance of these words? God sent forth the Decree and light became a reality. As the Individuality of your Mighty I AM Presence, you have the ability to send forth Decrees not only for your own well-being, but for the Freedom of the Earth and all who dwell upon her — and have those Decrees become reality CONTINUE

The Violet Flame

Violet Flame Invocation to The Violet Flame is our greatest tool for expanding and enhancing our heart's tie with our very own I AM God Presence. It is also our best resource for transmuting and healing all those negative conditions that currently plague our planet, as well as our personal lives. CONTINUE

Torch Bearers of The Temple

Anointed Representatives - Sunroom With the full Love of our Hearts, the Torch Bearers of The Temple stand united in our vow to help Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain usher in the Dawning Golden Age!