Discourses and Dictations

Monroe Julius Shearer & Carolyn Louise Shearer
The Anointed Representatives™ Monroe Julius Shearer and Carolyn Louise Shearer

Our goal at The Temple of The Presence is to offer an opportunity for growth and learning in the Light of the Releases from the Ascended Masters. We mean to provide that opportunity to everyone without the formality of subscription, membership or affiliation. Some will come and sip many times before they partake of the full cup. What is required is an open Heart. We ask that you receive these Teachings in the reverence with which they were brought forth.

The Ascended Masters deliver their Teachings through conscious connection with and overshadowing of their Anointed Representatives in the form of either Discourses or Dictations. Teachings by the Ascended Masters given in a more informal and relaxed way are known as Discourses, and are usually delivered through Anointed Representative Monroe J. Shearer. More formal deliveries of the Light, Love, Wisdom and Fire of the Ascended Masters are known as Dictations, which are usually delivered through Anointed Representative Carolyn L. Shearer.

The Temple of The Presence offers online video and audio broadcasts of these Teachings through its Helicon Broadcasting program. This includes live broadcasts, on-demand replays of recent events, and also the 24x7 Perpetual Voice audio broadcasts. In addition, audio albums of past conferences are available through The Temple's online bookstore.

The Discourses and Dictations, brought forth through the Anointed Representatives, are Teachings that will bring you back to the realization of your own true Divine Inheritance. They will demonstrate how to focus on the Reality of your God Perfection and lead you to the understanding that you do not have to be affected by, or give power to, anything less than that Perfection in your world. We hope that this knowledge will help you to experience a freedom that you may not have felt in many lifetimes. You will understand how to let go of the many problems you think you have, and refuse to give them power in your world - just by a shifting of your attention and focus. These Teachings will benefit newcomers as well as those who may have studied these subjects before. You may very well find a refocusing of your attunement that may have strayed from the Purity and Truth of the Teachings in the past.

To those who would walk the path home yet still are unsure of the beginning.

To all those who seek Spiritual Enlightenment in the midst of mortal confusion.

To those who would reach out with outstretched hands for guidance.

To those who call out in a loud voice for answers ...

We Welcome You!