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~Pallas Athena: The Gift of the Acorn Brooch
~Give the Gifts of the Gods for a Golden Age DVD Album this Christmas
~The Gifts of the Gods for a Golden Age!

Pallas Athena and the Gift of the Acorn Brooch!

The tenth Muse and sponsor of Saint Germain and his Golden Age sponsors you as well! As you are the seed idea of your God Presence, bringing forth the Golden Age where you are, you come under Pallas Athena's canopy as the Goddess of Truth. She brings you a Gift you may wear upon your person or establish in your mind's eye as that Ideal to remind you of the unfolding Golden Age right within you.

See oak leaves intertwined as a double-helix spiral, 

holding fast a cluster of three golden acorns representing the Threefold Flame. These acorns, born of the same God Flame,

are holding fast to one another and are intertwined as one.

Surrounding these golden representations of your Christ Identity are ivy leaves cut as emeralds, forming the unending circle of the God Qualities you will exhibit as the manifestation of the Golden Age to come, precipitating that magnificence in your Christ Consciousness through your talents and your desire to use them for God. This acorn brooch gathers together, perhaps at the shoulder, the White Garment of your Christhood so you may move in the Grace of the Christ Consciousness, holding your attention upon the Golden Age. The strength and courage of the oak that swirls about as the double-helix spiral knits together all of the God Qualities of your I AM Presence and enables you to have the courage to step forth and exhibit the Golden Light of the I AM Presence as Wisdom distilled into manifestation through the Emerald Matrix.

This Gift exemplifies that which you are becoming and that which you have always been. Stating you are the Golden Age - for it already exists in your Threefold Flame - Athena proclaims you will bring forth a new and far superior way of life and culture that contains no negativity. As you wear the Ideals of the Christ, you become them. You make the difference upon the Earth as to when the Golden Age will come.

Give the Gifts of the Gods for a Golden Age this Christmas!


Give this magnificent DVD Album, The Gifts of the Gods for a Golden Age, which includes the Acropolis Sophia Class that followed, Saint Germain and the Twelve Muses, to your loved one or friend on the Path this Christmas! 

Visit The Temple store today to receive $10 off the regular price of $60.  
Gift of the Gods DVD

Imagine, if you will, being the recipient of no less than 14 Gifts from the Ascended Masters for 12 continuous days.

One after another, these Blessed Beings came forth and blanketed us with not only Gifts that thrill the imagination, but practical tools to use both in advancing our own journey along the Path and in helping us to bring in the Golden Age. Are we not the most fortunate of students?

It was the Ascended Masters' intention during this Conclave to turn over a new leaf in the history of the Earth, and to start with a clean, white page ready to be imprinted with the Blueprint of the Golden Age the Masters envision. They have entrusted us with Divine Thoughtforms for each of us to draw upon to help us take God Dominion over all things of this world and manifest everything that is already held for us at Inner Levels in the Heart of our Beloved Mighty I AM Presence.

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The Gifts of the Gods!

The Treasury: A Gift from the Entire Spirit of the Brotherhood of Light! 

Treasury with Gifts


      "By Cosmic Decree, each Ascended Master attached to this Earth has been invited to contribute freely what they will on behalf of this, the cause of my 2,000-year Seventh Ray Dispensation. In a certain Temple Treasury situated in our Octave, they have brought one or more of their most precious keepsakes and laid them reverently as a surety for this Dispensation. One by one in graceful procession, they paraded into the Treasury, reminiscent of the journey of the Three Wise Men, this time laying their Gifts at the feet of the Christ Child aborning in each of you and in a cherubic Golden Age. 

       "My Gift, a Winged Victory of violet and gold, stands poised in midair above the main Altar, radiating my Consciousness of God Freedom. And yes, you can be sure that Morya's great diamond is among the Gifts. Never was it forfeited or retrieved, since first he removed it from his turban and consecrated it to my work. Saint Germain Gift of the Violet Flame

       "These objects are not mere baubles or surplus bric-a-brac. Each Gift is a fiery Engram of that Master's hard-won Attainment, distilled into forms of exquisite Beauty and Luminous Substance. Each focuses a most precious talent placed on loan for your use in Service to the Great Work. As these focuses discharge their respective Virtues into your world, 'the days are shortened for the elect,' shortening the time and ardor needed to attain to the selfsame mastery.

       "The form phase of this Treasury resembles a colonnaded Temple of timeless, classical design. Inside the Gifts stand scattered about in seeming random array, remaining just where each Master deposited them so lovingly. In fact, their impromptu arrangement reminds us of the graceful procession of Ascended Ones, filing in and out, one by one, like a troop of carefree children, laying their offerings on the Altar. I say, 'One good procession deserves another! Torch Bearers! Let the next parade be the Glad Procession of Firstborn Christed Ones ascending upwards in the Festival of the GrandReturn!'" ~Saint Germain


       The Ascended Masters can lawfully augment your efforts when you have made the call and are doing everything in your capacity to allow the Light to pour through. Then the Ascended Masters are able to add their own attainment and bring the pressure of their Consciousness. This is the grand design the Masters have to take up the calls you make, add their impetus, and bring about the manifestation of the requirement of the hour. These Masters, rallying to your assistance, have had similar experiences while in embodiment. They have held their Harmony and had their Heart expanded and their aura filled with the Light of their Mighty I AM Presence.  

       The biggest battle any student faces is convincing their own feeling world that the Power of the Presence is all victorious. When you win the battle of gaining Harmony and can control your own feeling world, your feeling body will be radiating out into life in an unbroken stream this constant pressure from the Great Mighty I AM Presence.

       You have two choices: either you are going to remain steadfast on this Path all the way to your Ascension or you are not. If you do not take control over your own feeling world and whatever might still be untransmuted, over your own human will and whatever it is wrestling with, you will sooner or later become exhausted and become like a beached fish on the bank of the river. You will not be able to sustain the necessary enthusiasm for the Path.

       On the other hand, if your feeling world can become like a spinning top, standing straight and polarized to the Currents of Eternal Life, and you are able to maintain that Consciousness, you will be able to continuously sustain your momentum. This is the mechanism of emotion and desire. This is the mastery you must attain in order to utilize the Gifts that the Masters have so graciously offered us. Sustained momentum, moving you forward one step at a time at a constant pace, will assure that these Gifts will be properly utilized and provide the thrust necessary to attain the fullness of your own Christhood, your Eternal Freedom, and the lowering into manifestation of the Golden Age.

       There have already been enough Dispensations for 10 Golden Ages! What has been missing is enlightened, committed disciples who are sincerely pledged to the disciplines of the Path, who have clasped hands and Hearts with the Ascended Masters and have agreed to uphold their part in the equation, making themselves an open, uplifted Chalice for the Infinite Source of the Ascended Masters' Consciousness to pour into their world and produce the Light. All of these magnificent Dispensations are given for practical reasons - not to entertain or to satisfy your curiosity - but to bear fruit and to show the world that there is a different way to resolve the problems of life by living the Ascended Master Way of Life!

       So the question is what you will do with these Gifts so generously bestowed upon you at this Conclave and Acropolis Sophia. Will you put them on the shelf and forget about them or perhaps take a peek at them once in awhile? How sad that would be! These Gifts have been placed in your trust by these gracious Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings, our Friends of Light who want only your Victory, your Freedom in the Light! We have been given the glorious opportunity of demonstrating that, with the limitless assistance of the Brotherhood of Light, we can become the fullness of our Mighty I AM Presence in action and bring forth the Golden Age! Let us use these 14 Gifts wisely and well! 


The Temple of The Presence is really The Temple of the Most High in every Heart. The outer organization of The Temple of The Presence is the vehicle and Vanguard Activity through which the Brotherhood of Light brings forth the true Teachings of the Great Ascended Masters of East and West to all whose hearts desire the Truth of Cosmic Law.


If the Message and the Mission of The Temple speaks to your heart, consider becoming a Torch Bearer of The Temple.


God Individualized

 One God - One Presence

  Many Sons - Many Daughters

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